Social Media and Design

May 4, 2017

Social Media and Design



Alissa Ponchione, Managing Editor, Hospitality Design Magazine


Danu Hassik, Design Director, Parts and Labor Design

Malcolm Berg, Founder, EoA


Designers are taking varied approaches when it comes to their use of social media. During the Social Media and Design conversation from the HD Expo Social Hub, attendees learned of both the opportunities and challenges of using social media to drive awareness to their work and brand.


“We design for a lasting impression,” said Malcomn Berg, founder of EoA. “We see social media as a living document, but the longevity needs to be there.”


Berg said he uses many of the social channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn to drive brand awareness and create a collaborative community.


“We see social media as a reflection of our company,” said Berg. “We want to show we’re approachable while communicating on an aesthetic level.”


Danu Hassik, Design Director, Parts and Labor Design, said Instagram is the preferred channel for her firm, since it allows the visual appeal of design to shine through.


“When we post a gorgeous photo it always gets a lot of attention,” said Hassik. “Social media is secondary to the work we are doing, but we want all our posts to show the collaborative work behind the project.”


Berg also sees social media as a way to reach young design talent saying “Millennials are looking for options and they often know a great deal about our company before they even engage with us. “It’s kind of voyeuristic.”